Wealth Savings Plan

A Whole New Way to Purchase Metals

Capital Gold Group’s Wealth Savings Program enables individuals to purchase precious metals on their selected budget, weekly or monthly. Signing up enables clients to purchase metals over a period of time instead of having to purchase them in one large lump sum.

Capital Gold Group’s Wealth Savings Program will continue until you provide signed e-mail correspondence canceling your monthly program to savingsplan@capitalgoldgroup.com. A physical signature is necessary.
Your credit card will be automatically charged on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with the amount you selected on our Terms and Conditions e-document with the Capital Gold Group Wealth Savings Program (minimum $250).

Getting Started

Get started today in only a few simple steps
Choose Amount
The first step in the process is to simply select the dollar amount that you wish to spend in the wealth savings plan.
Sign Contract
The contract is up next. Simply fill out and sign our online Terms & Conditions. An electronic copy will be e-mailed to you as your receipt.
Select Metal
Next up, you select the metal you wish to purchase. These metals can be changed weekly or alternated, as requested.
Verify Identity
Almost there! The final step is to provide us with a copy of your driver’s license. We need a copy of both the front and back.
Pick a Term
The third step is to select a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly purchase option. These can be changed as requested.
Start Program
You can now begin the process of owning your very own precious metals without having to purchase them in one large lump sum.

Testimonials & FAQ's

What type of metals can I buy?

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium coins or bars.

What is the minimum I can purchase?

You can purchase a minimum of $250 monthly.

When do I receive my coins or bars?

You have the option of taking delivery once the coin has been purchased or your metals can be securely stored at Capital Gold Group’s Safe Vaulting services.*