Valcambi Bars

So small it can fit in the palm of your hand.
Take them with you wherever, whenever.
Use them as an alternate form of currency.
The Valcambi bars can fit in your wallet with ease.
Internationally Recognized
Recognized all over the world as currency.

If you’ve never seen a Valcambi CombiBar, get ready to be amazed. These are some of the coolest forms of precious metals around, and they’re IRA eligible. There are gold, platinum, silver, and palladium versions of the Valcambi CombiBar. This form of precious metal is the width of a credit card (.85 mm) and has several different sizes. It’s a divisible precious metals bar that is easy to carry in a wallet and break down on a moment’s notice. The most popular bars are divisible into one-gram pieces. There are several versions of these types of bars. They’re perfect for someone who wants to have a portion of their wealth with them at all times.

Gold Valcambi bar

From Capital Gold Group

The most popular size weighs fifty grams and for the Gold Valcambi CombiBar, there are several different sizes of the bar. One is perforated into fifty one-gram pieces, and the pieces can be broken off to use as payment or trade. Another size you can order the Gold Valcambi CombiBar in is a one hundred gram bar that’s perforated into one hundred different one-gram pieces. A different option is the size that is perforated into twenty different pieces that are twenty grams each. There’s only one other size the Gold Valcambi CombiBar comes in, and that’s a 3.11 gram bar and it’s perforated into ten different pieces. Each Gold CombiBar is rectangular in shape, which is why they are often compared to credit cards.

Silver Valcambi Combibar

Next is the Silver CombiBar. This version only comes in two sizes. There’s a one hundred gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar that is split into one hundred perforated one-gram pieces. There is also a ten gram Silver CombiBar. This version is perforated into ten different sections weighing ten-grams each. This size is also called the Rectangular Cook Islands CombiCoin.

Platinum Valcambi Combibar

The Platinum Valcambi CombiBar is a one-gram bar that’s perforated into fifty pieces. There is also a Palladium Valcambi CombiBar that also comes in a one gram size with fifty perforated pieces. No matter which precious metal you choose, the bar will include Valcambi’s brand and design. There are a few small ways the bars can be customized, but nothing significant.

Perfect for All Investors

One of the big issues with investment products today like Precious Metals IRA‘s, Silver IRA‘s, Gold IRA‘s, Platinum IRA‘s, and Palladium IRA‘s, is storage of the precious metals. Also, until the Valcambi CombiBar was invented, it was almost impossible for people to carry any significant amount of gold or silver with them. People who did choose to carry around large amounts of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium often had to have heavy duty safes or even armed guards. Investors prefer the discreet nature the Valcambi Bars afford a person. The first thing people notice when holding precious metals is the weight. Realistically, nobody could haul around gold or silver bars in their pockets. Wealthy people have begun to refer to the Valcambi CombiBar as a version of “portable wealth” and the on true gold card. However, since the CombiBar has palladium and silver versions, they’re no longer just for the wealthy.

Since these are pure metal, they have a lot of value in each little one gram piece. Unlike credit cards that have particular fees, restrictions, terms and conditions, these Valcambi Bars are quite literally the most versatile card of any kind you will ever have. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are desirable and accepted as payment in any country in the world. Say a vendor’s credit card machine stops working. Instead of having to wait around, you could pull out your Valcambi CombiBar and square up your bill rather than having to run to the ATM or be stuck while a family member brings you cash.

Gold or silver will do you a world of good in other countries as well. As we said before, every country in the world recognizes the value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, so you don’t have to worry when you have the Valcambi CombiBar in your wallet. It can get you out of many different sticky situations in many parts of the world. It’s easy to carry, and you couldn’t easily carry the same amount in any country’s fiat currency. It’s quite simply the safest, most valuable, and easily accepted form of payment on the planet today. It’s also the easiest to carry as it can fit in a pocket, wallet, book bag, or purse easily.

The next best thing about the different forms of Valcambi Bars is that they are IRA eligible. Whether it be a Precious Metals IRA where you want to mix and match, or you want just a Gold IRA, Silver IRA, Platinum IRA, or Palladium IRA, they qualify. Each card comes with an assay card that verifies authenticity and lists the weight of the bar. Each bar has a unique serial number on the back that is easily traceable. Also, the front of each bar lists its weight and purity, so authentication is a breeze.

Valcambi gold bullion products
Valcambi gold bullion products

Valcambi is a trusted Swiss company that’s over fifty years old. They’ve been praised for their exquisite craftsmanship over the years, so you know you’re getting a high-quality piece of precious metal. Remember, not all precious metals are created equal and having high-quality metals stored away in a Self-Directed IRA will keep you ahead of the game.

The world has always favored gold bullion as their favorite form of precious metals to invest in. However, with the affordability of the Silver Valcambi Bars, everyday people can still cash in on this excellent investment opportunity. Beyond investments, the Silver CombiBar is easy to carry as well. In a bind, it would be hard for someone to say not to payment in pure silver. Due to the markings on the bar, one has a greater chance of the item being accepted on the spot for payment. They carry a premium and this can be used when bargaining.

Another thing an investor needs to think about when deciding what form of precious metals to invest in is saleability. How easy will it be to sell whatever he or she has invested in when the time comes? Well, the Valcambi CombiBar, in any metal, is an easy sale. They’re so attractive and of such high quality that everyone snaps these up when they can. Furthermore, there’s so much great material with each bar, making them a breeze to authenticate, that it’s one of the most painless forms of bullion to re-sell on the market today. They are desired for more than their melt value and that’s important.

Each one-gram Gold CombiBar will be engraved with the words CHI ESSAYEUR FONDEUR. This is French for assayer founder. The refinery uses this as its official stamp. The stamp is just another way to authenticate the Valcambi Bars and assure the are of the highest quality. One the back, the words Valcambi Suisse are engraved. You’ll also notice the Valcambi logo, a diamond shape, a serial number (as mentioned above), and the words 50 g fine gold, and 999.9. With all of these authentication marks, it’s very easy to tell a real bar from a fake. Counterfeiters never get every detail right. When purchasing your Valcambi Bars, it’s best to make the purchase from a reputable precious metals dealer to protect yourself.

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