Coin symbology

What do coin designs mean?

Gold American Eagle

Minted From: 1986-Present*

Minted At: Philadelphia and West Point

Obverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Reverse Designer: Miley (MB) Frost

Total Weight: 16.966 grams*

Diameter: 27 mm*

Composition: .9167 gold, .03 silver & .0533 copper

Net Weight: .50 ounces pure gold*

Edge: Reeded to prevent gold shaving by unscrupulous individuals

1Originally designed in 1907 your new American Eagle Coin features the Augustus Saint-Gaudens “Double Eagle” obverse design. The first version featured 46 stars representing each state in the union including the brand new state of Oklahoma. Designers used the motto of “one state, one star” and in 1986 your coin included all 50 stars.

2Arching across the top of the coin is the word LIBERTY. We’d like to think this represents your liberation from economic and political turmoil which could have harmed your financial future.

3In Madam Liberty’s right hand is the Torch of Freedom signifying the country’s never ending question for freedom from tyranny.

4One of the most stunning pieces of symbolism is the full screen view of the sun’s rays approvingly shining on Madam Liberty and the dome of our United States Congress in the background.

5Firmly grasped in Madam Liberty’s left hand is the olive branch which is the universal sign of peace.

6The year your new coin was minted is neatly displayed basking in the sun’s rays.

7Just a hair below the mint date you’ll notice the small initials “ASG.” This is the humble signature of your coin’s designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

8Naturally, the relief reading THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA headlines the flip side of your new Double Eagle Coin.

9The main theme of the reverse side is a family of eagles clutching olive branches nurturing her family with the blessings of peace and freedom.

10The slogan IN GOD WE TRUST graces the right hand side of your new coin.

11Perhaps the single most important theme which defines the United States, E PLURIBUS UNUM or out of many, one signifies the union of all 50 states as one powerful country.

12Your new coin clearly states the weight and legal tender here at the bottom relief.

13Settling just under the eagle’s nest are the initials of the coin’s designer and engraver: “MB” for Miley Frost and Sherl J. Winter.

14Last, but certainly not least your coin symbolizes the two most important institutions citizens of this country enjoy: the family and Americans united for a singular cause… freedom.

We here at Capital Gold Group sincerely appreciate the investment you’ve made in this Gold American Eagle Coin. Not only have you made a wise decision but you’ve also invested in something we’d like to think is a piece of art.

Silver American Eagle

Minted From: 1986-Present

Minted At: Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point

Obverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman

Reverse Designer: John M. Mercanti

Total Weight: 31.101 grams

Diameter: 40.6 mm*

Composition: .9993 silver & .0007 copper

Net Weight: 1.0 ounce fine silver

Edge: Reeded to prevent gold shaving by unscrupulous individuals

1Adolph A. Weinman, the artist behind your new silver coin created a pure piece of artistry with a relief he called Walking Liberty. As Madam Liberty stoically graces the center of the coin you can see the world LIBERTY arcing at the top of the coin.

2Madam Liberty can be seen here walking to her right with the sun righteously shining upon her brow holding an olive branch in one arm and the other arm pointing the way to prosperity and freedom. A tribute to these United States.

3Just beneath the feet of Madam Liberty is the date of your coin’s minting.

4Placed in the lower right part of the obverse is the timeless motto IN GOD WE TRUST signifying the nation’s belief in the source of our freedom.

5If you look closely the initials of your new coin’s artist are etched in hem of Madam Liberty’s gown. Weinman was a humble artist who did not wish to take away from your new coin’s artistic glory.

6When John Mercanti designed the reverse side of the coin he left no doubt of the proud national designation of your coin with the bold lettering. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stand tall at the upper arc of the coin.

7At the lower arc of the coin is the weight and legal tender of your new silver coin reading 1 OZ. FINE SILVER and ONE DOLLAR.

8Acknowledging our nation’s humble beginnings Mercanti places the original 13 stars just above the eagle’s head. This of course, symbolizes the original 13 colonies of a newborn United States.

9The eagle Mercanti designed exhibits strength both through military might with the arrows the eagle is grasping and our ability to bring peace within the world with the olive branch.

10Finally the initials of John Mercanti are tucked just near the tail feathers of the eagle.

We here at Capital Gold Group sincerely appreciate the investment you’ve made in this Silver American Eagle Coin. Not only have you made a wise decision but you’ve also invested in something we’d like to think is a piece of art.